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I started programming computer software in high school when I was 16. First with QBasic, C, C++ and later, with Microsoft Visual Basic. But my true love came the day I met Java! Java was the missing part that I was desperately looking for. Everything I needed was now available to me in a unique, user-friendly programming environment: flexibility, reliability and, I must say, beauty without headaches! Then, the wonders of making computers work finally appeared to me when I discovered Linux. The circle was finally complete. In 2004, I received my bachelor’s degree in economics and in 2010, my bachelor’s degree in computer science, which allowed me to offer my services to the world as a professional programmer. During my final years of my bachelor’s, I proudly joined Matcore (Matin Communication Research Inc.) where I had the chance to work with highly talented fellow programmers. At Matcore I learned many things about telecommunication systems, software development processes and IT research in a dynamic, creative and joyful environment. The combination of using open source software with widely popular Microsoft technologies brought us the ability to design, develop and release wonderful products for organizations, businesses and personal use in domains such as telecom systems, web applications, mobile applications, and client-server utilities. After I arrived in Canada, I decided to apply and to study quality system engineering at Concordia University in downtown Montreal. During two wonderful years, I learned many new things which helped me to better understand everything I experienced before as a professional software developer. I finally graduated and obtained my master’s degree in quality system engineering in the fall of 2016. I believe that learning and experimenting are the keys and the common thread for my life and career. Knowledge and experience are the wings that allow me to fly. And I am grateful to still be at the beginning of a fascinating journey of discovery!

Mehdi Shokoohi