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btw i use Manjaro!




We all know Linux as a highly customizable operating system, but among all of those Linux distros out there there is one special one: Arch. 

Unlike many other Linux distributions, Arch is not based on a particular one and there is no corporate or organization behind it; it’s all developed, maintained and support by its community. When you are installing Arch Linux, you are building your own machine. A Machine which is unique to its kind and different in installed packages and performance in comparison with similar machines/hardware configuration.  

Installing Arch Linux is not that hard as the jokes or memes by geeks and Linux nerds pretend, you just need to follow the official Arch installation guide on ArchWiki or many other tutorials like these ones: +, + and +

The most time-consuming part is installing the system and user required packages and then configuring and setting them up to make them work correctly as you expect.

Now if you want to enjoy all of the power and performance of Arch Linux and also let everyone in the world that ‘btw i use Arch’!, there is good news for you: Manjaro

Manjaro is one of the few Linux distros based on Arch so it uses the amazing power of Arch with ease of use and almost no configuration time: Just install and use it! 

Here you can see all variety of Arch flavored distros (see original here)

Advantage of using Manjaro:

  1. You can safely claim “btw i use Arch” and you are not lying (not this time at least!)
  2. You can use AUR (Arch User Repository) one of the biggest software package repositories with over 54000 of free and open-source software which makes you a powerful king! for the rest of your life. (in software territory at least!)
  3. You can use the latest version of every software and more importantly the Linux kernel itself, the moment they release. Usually with other distros like Ubuntu, Redhat, etc you need to wait for the official releases which make you wait for weeks. Months or years! With Arch/Manjaro you always have updates, not daily ones but even sometimes hourly!
  4. Switching kernels is easy. Using a simple GUI tool, you can easily manage (download, remove and run) released and even unreleased (beta/experimental) kernels.
  5. Great community: Not only you can use fabulous and great community of Arch, but you can also use well organized and useful Manjaro’s specific forum, Wiki, docs, manuals, etc.
  6. Supportive Hardware: Arch is (almost) always build with the latest version of Linux kernel; so you can expect a high support for (almost) any hardware you got
  7. No PPA no Cry!: A PPA refers to a repo which sometimes got only one or few programs to install or update. Installation of any software that is unavailable in the authorized PPA repos, you need to connect a new PPA to your system through the Terminal. With Arch and Manjaro you don’t need to add/manage PPAs anymore
  8. Stability on full system update: Although after many years of using Arch I had just a few experiences on crashing my system, I never saw the same problem when doing a full system update with Manjaro. So be my guess to do ‘sudo pacman -Suy’ every day!
  9. Appreciable Desktop Environments: Official Manjaro releases come with Gnome, KDE and Xfce as default desktops. however, you can always install other flavors like Budgie, Deepin, Mate, etc. btw my favorite is Xfce; what is yours?!
  10. Surprise me!: Yesss!, install Manajaro and tell me how did you like it! Find downloadable Manjaro iso here: https://manjaro.org/get-manjaro



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